Sven Gatz uncovers the soul of Brussels: Molenbeek/Maalbeek: A Brussels Tale

The attacks of 22 March 2016 were a shock to our capital. Not just for those living in Brussels but also for policymakers in charge of the city, from various backgrounds and policy fields.  Equally so for the Flemish Minister for Brussels Affairs, Sven Gatz (Flemish Liberal Party, Open Vld), the attacks left a deep impression. So deep, he shared his thoughts in a book: Molenbeek/Maelbeek.

Narrating from the perspectives of seven characters, Gatz relives the attacks at Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station. Through the eyes of fictional characters Hamida, Clive, Nina, Claude, Ghazi, Erik, and Francoise, Gatz introduces us to a traumatised, yet hopeful Brussels. He allows the reader to get a better sense of Brussels and a feel for the city, ultimately becoming a companion in this story. Wandering from Molenbeek to Maelbeek, Sven Gatz uncovers the soul of Brussels. 

Before becoming the Flemish Minister for Culture, Media, Youth and Brussels Affairs, Sven Gatz was the director of the Belgian Brewers, promoting the general interests of the brewery sector. Prior to this, he was also a Member of the Flemish Parliament as well as the Brussels Parliament.

This book marks the 20th published work of Sven Gatz (1967). He has written an array of books on Brussels, politics and beer. Most recently laying out his visions for cultural, media, and youth policy.

On March 19th, mr. Gatz will present his book at Waterstones Brussels (Boulevard Adolphe Max 71-75) from 5 to 6 PM.  

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Eva Vanhengel Woordvoerder Sven Gatz
Eva Vanhengel Woordvoerder Sven Gatz
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Sven Gatz
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