Save the date 23/9/23: Brussels Multilingualism Day

Save the date 23/9/23: Brussels Multilingualism Day

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On Saturday 23 September 2023, Brussels Minister Sven Gatz, responsible for the Promotion of multilingualism, will organize the fourth edition of the Multilingualism Day.

This year the theme of the day will be multilingualism in the cultural sector.

There will be an interesting programme with lively debates, discussion, artistic performances and surprises

We will communicate the full programme soon.

Journalists who wish to attend in person can already register their participation via [email protected]

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About Sven Gatz

Sven Gatz
Brussels minister voor Financiën, Begroting, Ambtenarenzaken en Meertaligheid
Vlaams minister van Brusselse Aangelegenheden
Avenue des Arts, 9
1210 Brussels